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8 Week Intensive Beginning Astrology Course




8 Weeks

About the Course

What we will learn in the eight week class.

  1. How to interpret the twelve astrological signs to include the planetary aspects from Aries to Pisces.

  2. What all the planets and luminaries (our Sun and Moon are luminaries) in our Solar System represent and how they play a role in our lives and how they operate through the signs.

  3. How to then read our birth chart or any chart through the twelve houses that comprise every chart.

  4. We will incorporate the aspects between planets in the last two classes.

Classes offered over Zoom and in person. The fee will include some printed materials whether handed out or over email. Certain books will also be recommended for further study if interested (not required).

Your syllabus outlines how to interpret the twelve astrological signs from Aries to Pisces to include planetary aspects. We'll spend two classes on each subject matter to include each individual’s birth chart (with permission).

Learning astrology can be intense as would any subject matter that is new. However, with astrology we study from a scientific and intuitive perspective pertaining to our nature. Additional study outside of class is required if you really want to learn it!

Each class requires considerable preparation on my end. Accordingly I will require a minimum of six registrations (maximum class size is nine).

Weekly classes include a 5-7 min break! I am flexible with time if we need to start a few minutes late and go over a few minutes as well.

This is a commitment so be sure you want to take this on. I'll record all classes in in real-time for further review. (Miss a class? Review the recording before our next class.)

I'm available for limited questions outside of class over the phone

Course fee of $440.00 due when minimum of six people have registered. Prepayment required for all six classes before classes begin.

Call me directly at ‭(760) 402-0194‬ with additional questions.

Your Instructor

Eve Elly

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Eve Elly
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