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Astrology Forum




1 hr 45 min

About the Course

October 8, 2023 from 4-5:45 pm PDT via zoom and in person.

You're invited to my first Astrology Forum to discuss current or future astrology. I'll explore questions on individual charts and topics that are requested and we have time for. 

I'll host this Forum every four to five weeks based on interest for the next six months to a year.

The fee per Forum is $40 ($45 starting in January 2024). This forum talks about (versus being a teaching course) the astrology coming up for us and how it may impact our individual charts. To specifically focus on learning astrology, please attend one of my courses.

I require a minimum of four attendees per forum. I'll record each forum just in case you are not able to attend but want to learn more about what's coming up for us.

Your Instructor

Eve Elly

I look forward to seeing you at this event.

Eve Elly
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